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Jeff Mach
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"Some fear the things that touch them
Some fear the things they touch
I fear I've said too little
And already said too much."

~Running Water, "Low October Moon"

Update from May, 2010:

You might know me from the Wicked Faire, which I run, or the Steampunk World's Fair, wherein I'm one of the partners, or the Midsummer Magick Faire, where I'm GM, or my musical "Absinthe Heroes". But then again, you may not!

Update from August '08:

This pretty much encapsulates my theory of marketing and, by extension, life.

So this is my bio from Pi-Con '07. I am using it because I like the way it turned out, and I continue to be tickled pink that I am starting to be invited as a convention guest. It's true! I am a disturbingly pink shade even as I write this!

"Jeff Mach"

Jeff Mach is a writer, singer-songwriter, playwrighterer, and event-putting-on-person. He's probably best known for events like The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire and The Labyrinth (www.wickedfaire.com). As a sadomasochist, his works include a book, "Give: Some explorations of submission" (www.deadlychallenge.org) and his play, "Seeds", a D/s-based retelling of the story of Hades and Persephone. His most recent musical work is a production of his play, "What SHARP Teeth" (www.wickedfaire.com/wst).

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