Jeff Mach (transversecity) wrote,
Jeff Mach

Today is not the first day of the rest of my life


Today is about two weeks into my new life.

"I met a new me at 8 A.M. the other one got lost
This is not a trade in, although I wouldn't believe the cost
I woke up crying as we said goodbye
Me and my old self, each day he vanished more and more
As I became someone else

He actually was murdered, I had taken him apart
When I put him back together, I couldn't find his heart
He was resting underneath a chair, in a bed of bright tin foil
If I pulled back the flaps, I could still see it beat
I could still hear his voice uncoil, as I said,

'I want a trade in - a fourteenth chance at this life'.

-Lou Reed
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