Jeff Mach (transversecity) wrote,
Jeff Mach

I'm not around much in February...

...and some people might say, "Of course! It's Wicked Faire!"

But it's not Wicked Faire. Or - it's not just Wicked Faire.

There have been a lot of changes in my life since last February. Kicking the Ambien habit, beating sleep apnea, changing my exercise and health, re-entering the kink community, activism, changes in the management of my company - the list could keep going.

There's one thing that the last year told me, and that's: I'm not content to be where I am, and I'm not going to stop until I've changed that. Not a new sentiment for me, but I'm no longer determined to just "keep working until it gets better". One of my favorite books on business, Dale Darten's "The Max Factor", points out that most worthwhile projects are a gamble, and the goal is not to hope for the psychic ability to predict which project will succeed, but rather to work on projects until at least one succeeds.

If we leave aside Steampunk In The Catskills, The Anachronism, Nathaniel Johnstone in NYC, and any of my music or convention appearances, like Ro-Con...

...I'll talk about the six big Jeff Mach Events projects that I need to work on this month.

Please, please do me a favor and:

* Don't suggest that I need to eat and sleep and rest? I promise, really, I am incredibly fanatical about those things. Really. I am Not That Kind Of Workaholic.

* You don't have to believe that my working on all of these projects is a good idea. But please do figure that I've given it consideration and have some good reasons for what I'm doing? I may not be right, but I've at least given a lot of thought to what I'm doing and why.

The Final Wicked Faire: Wicked Faire is ending and I am being bombarded with both regular Wicked things and soooo many inquiries about the final Wicked, about what comes next, about why it's ending, and so forth. It's huge.

Glimmerdark: It's so, so critical to work on Glimmerdark, the February event which comes after Wicked Faire, now. the sooner Glimmerdark starts selling hotel rooms, the sooner we know what our whole financial future looks like. But most of the rest of my company is, understandably, largely or completely absorbed with Wicked and SPWF - which is understandable. There are only so many hours in a week. So Glimmerdark is proceeding slowly, and it needs me to put a lot into driving it forward.

GKE. GKE isn't the most labor-intensive of our events for me right now, but it still matters. I still need to make plans for it; it still needs work.

GKENE. Due to new management at our host hotel, I'm spending a lot of time on a venue search.

And The Steampunk World's Fair SPWF needs, demands, and deserves, at least twenty hours a week from me, every week. And once Wicked Faire ends, we're coming really close to SPWF. So I need to prep as much as I humanly can and do that right now.

It's going to be a long February.
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